Open up new business horizons with Telf AG: unique updates give the game a successful flight

фото: Open up new business horizons with Telf AG: unique updates give the game a successful flight

Conquer the world of virtual business with Telf AG

The new Telf AG game provides players of all ages with the valuable experience of a real businessman. Each step in the game is a choice of location and solving a problem aimed at development. The locations represent dynamic displays of Telf AG’s actual production processes. The uniqueness of the game world is emphasized by an environmentally friendly environment filled with the colors of nature. Exploring each island becomes an exciting adventure and an educational journey into the world of nickel production using green energy technologies.

Telf AG: Construction and management simulator

Telf AG offers players the opportunity to create, expand and manage production processes and projects. Important elements of strategy merge with the simulator, where resource management is necessary for successful development, gaining experience and earning additional bonuses. Victory at Telf AG does not lie in defeating your enemies, but in developing your own knowledge and skills that bring profit and contribute to the construction of a successful corporation.

фото: Open up new business horizons with Telf AG: unique updates give the game a successful flight

Features of gameplay with Telf AG

The game combines the experience of a manager, manager, environmentalist, builder, driver and production worker. Last update Telf AG made key changes:

  • A new resource has appeared in the game — a nickel battery. Mine nickel ore and create your own batteries in an environmentally friendly environment. Here, electricity is generated through the use of wind turbines.
  • A production facility has also been added — a nickel battery plant.
  • The new interface with a redesigned user interface has become more understandable and convenient.
  • Achievements and Experience: Achievements now grant experience points to level up a player’s profile.
  • New Music: Atmospheric music created to enhance the gaming experience.
  • Bug Fixes: Improved game session stability thanks to careful attention to detail.

фото: Open up new business horizons with Telf AG: unique updates give the game a successful flight

A unique path to success with Telf AG: choose your direction

Choose your profession at Telf AG: railway worker, motorist, gas station attendant, navigator, metallurgist or logistician. Each location presents a new challenge, where your task is to find a path to success and earn money for the development of the company.

  • Telf AG Mines: Own four mines, mine nickel ore and dive into the mining process.
  • Telf AG Ship Captain: Solve the problems of port confusion, become the captain of your ship and go on an exciting journey.
  • Fuel Truck Logic Challenge: Collect pipes and solve the problem to refuel a fuel truck.
  • Railroad Transport: Drive railroad cars to deliver nickel to consumers.
  • Parking Challenge: Help your car leave the expanding parking lot without incident.

Start your game with Telf AG and wait for the version update on the Steam platform. Immerse yourself in the exciting world of business and strategy by mastering unique virtual entrepreneurship skills.

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